Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween and all the chaos

i love this time of year and had high hopes of catching a few pictures of the halloween spirit. but, as life does, caught my attention without my camera in hand. so many moments i wish i had recorded in the mist of all the chaos. 

once again, we dressed up and ventured over to the desirable mcdonald area to trick or treat and enjoy an evening filled with music, haunted houses and too many people to count. overwhelming as it may be, the kids enjoyed themselves and i enjoyed for the most part watching the mass of people and all their creativity. 

i had mentioned earlier in one of my posts that i was excited about making our costumes, but, my eyes were bigger than my sewing machine. having a three month old changes things. my time as is my hands are filled with the little munchkin. fortunately, gavin's papa is very creative and made an incredible costume. i am so impressed and gavin was beside himself. stella on the other hand could not decide what in the world she wanted to be, so many ideas but never a concrete decision. i love her final resolve of a black kitty. she was in full character meowing the entire evening and is still wearing her tail and whiskers. 

one scary cheese, one pre-teen nerd, one bat and one little black kitty.

i hope everyone had a wonderful halloween. i look forward to a lovely fall.