Sunday, December 5, 2010

busy as a bee

i have been filling my days making lots of arm warmers, wallets and other goodies for the holiday shop party. this has been a motivating experience for me and i am so happy i did it. i love my home and have a hard time leaving the comfort of it, so when my dear friend dani suggested we share a table i knew this would be a perfect reason to get myself out there. i was completely amazed and inspired with all the creativity that was filling the space. good food, great music and incredible handmade goodies made for a fabulous shop party.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

tiny moments

life seems to be flying by at super speed these days. i lie in bed every night awake thinking about all the things i need to be doing or should have done from my checklist. last night after watching the minutes slip by i finally decided not to be so concerned with all the little things and just enjoy the moment. living in the moment and enjoying every day as it is is now my new number one on my checklist. i woke up this morning to the most amazing smile from my 4mos old. life couldn't be sweeter. checklist complete!

happy december. may your days be filled with tiny special moments and lots of smiles.