Thursday, October 7, 2010

move over coolots

i am sitting here thinking actually struggling with how to start this blog. i have so many ideas i want to share but get this overwhelming feeling of insecurity when it comes down to it. they say to write about what you love and what you know. i love to thrift and sew. i also spend a lot of my time rearranging my surroundings. my husband calls our home the ever-changing sand dune. he says it drives him crazy but i think he secretly likes it. maybe if i spent half the amount of time that i do rearranging, and more time creating and writing, i could fill these pages with my inner creative thoughts. i think in time i will be able to do just that. for now i will start with a little thing i call, "satchel of pants." this is a cute little satchel i made for my miss stella out of a pair of pants from a clothing swap.

i love to repurpose old, out of style and worn clothing into something useful and filled with love. this little number is made up of a not so stylish pair of pants but with great fabric. i came across this lonely pair of pants at a friend-filled clothing swap. clothing swaps are a fantastic way to refresh your closet without spending any cash. no money is exchanged just clothing. i also made a wallet of the same pair of pants which i will show in a later date.

well that wasn't so bad. the starting of this thing we call blog. i look forward to sharing more of my everyday adventures and creative ideas.

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  1. I love that bag! You should start selling them!!!