Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have rearranged my house again. I know that is crazy but I have to admit I love the change. This time I have decided to make my home more simple. Simple, as in less stuff, less distractions, and less stress. I spend so much of my time cleaning and never feeling like I accomplish anything. So I have decided to de-clutter and organize. Organize my papers, closets, cupboards, finances, and most importantly my mind which has been a whirlwind of chaos lately.

I have created a home management notebook filled with lists, bugdet, ideas and plans for the future. It is refreshing to have it all in one place. I love lists but tend to make a habit of leaving them all over the house and never quite finishing them. I have faith that this notebook will help me on my journey to simplicity.

My biggest desire is to spend more time with my children and less time feeling stressed about not being able to finish the cleaning. I'm not saying I don't want to ever have to clean again I just don't want it to consume all of my time. I think by simplifying certain things like finances, clutter and distractions my family will become more connected. I need more moments of dancing, boardgames, trips to the beach, watercolor, baking bread, and most importantly cuddle time with all three of my sweet ones. I want my days to flow peacefully together with my family as a unit. When we take the time to enjoy what we have in front of us everything else is seems less important making life more simple.

Happy simplicity!

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