Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My heart's a stereo.

So many changes since the last time I was here. My world has been a rollercoaster that I hope now has come to a a simple and flat ride. I have had the amazing opportunity of having one of my illustrations printed in a magazine and the not so amazing experience of a separation and incredible lack of sleep. Inspiration and excitement has trickled in and teased me and now I am hungry for more. I know there is something waiting for me. Something big. Hopefully not another dead cat in the pond or the mountain of paperwork and the emotional dysfunction I need to deal with, but something really big. As the new year rolls in I will pray (even if I am not religious) and wish for this thing that will be all amazing to knock on my door. One can only hope it is not God to scold me for my desperate halfway sincere prayers or an almost working robot that needs a shitload of expensive parts before it starts cooking me meals and cleaning my house.

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